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ZARD-90 Holy Treasure Force Jewel Five Vol.02

Holy Treasure Force Jewel Five are five girl warriors fighting Demon Empire Death Cross. The group, however, has lost its way and is now falling apart. Jewel Blue and Jewel Yellow are captured by the enemy and Jewel Black is acting suspiciously. Jewel Black calls Jewel Red out and challenges her to fight a duel. In the meanwhile, the villainess Death Jeanne shows up before Jewel Pink, who is left alone in the base, and when Pink prepares for a battle, Death Cross’s monster Kurageron sneaks up from behind. The girls have to fight separately and all five warriors of Jewel Five are eventually caught and hung before Death Jeanne. Merciless Death Jeanne gives a whipping as the captured girls keep screaming. She intends to rule the world using the sacred power of five Saint Stones she collected. The girls are in big trouble. What will become the sacred five?

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