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ZARD-69 Sailor Ninja - Time and Space [First Part]

In 20XX, wars prevailed on earth. Guldo, a clan of specters, in dire campaigns to conquer the world, has wiped out all the Ninja family except the last worrier Kirisa. Alone, Kirisa engages in the battle against the overwhelming Guldo fighters. Realizing that her lonesome efforts are futile, Kirisa plans to warp back into the past through different dimensions to terminate Guldo’s ancestors so that the future will be corrected. There in the past, she meets the originator of the Dare-devil Ninja gangs, Mio Etsujima. Meanwhile, Guldo, aware of Kirisa’s intention, returns back to the past. Kirisa and Mio in tandem search out Mitsuo Todoroki who looks exactly like Guldo. Believing that he is Guldo, they confront the enemy, but the specters encroach upon them to stop. And, the fierce battle ensues

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