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ZARD-58 W Sailor Soldier

Hoshi, having fought to wipe out monstrous devils, is endowed with a sealing power. After felling the devils, he decided to seal off himself. Several hundred years later, the aged hair-eating devil man, bound by the sealing spell, comes to life. This devilish old man devours people’s hair. Hoshi, the sealer, has bestowed the sealing power to two girls in the human world. One is Miki Soeda, and the other Yuko Kitajima, who has had her younger sister assailed by the hair-devouring old man. Miki is all ready to fight as the sealing fighter, while Yuko is weary of fighting. Yuko’s sister, Sae, now in bed at the hospital, despairs at the sight of her hair reflected on the glass. Yuko is now aflame with anger at the hair-eater devil who shattered her sister and avows to revenge. But, alas, defying Hoshi’s advice, Yuko sets out to fight the old man alone and gets beaten by the overwhelming power of the hair-eater devil. Taken as a prisoner and confined in the devil’s hideout, Yuko awakens to find Miki captured likewise. Will the two girls prevail with the sealing power to kill the hair-eater monster?

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