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ZARD-55 Super Masked Heroine Minerva MISAKI NATSUMORI

Yuuki Bitoh defeats Draculaisma, but not without paying the price. Because she gets a broken leg, Yuuki gives Misaki Natsumori the power to transform into Minerva. Meanwhile Patora, female higher-rank officer of Egoisma, is determined to find who Minerva really is. Patora turns into her original form Torn-Lipisma, conjures up the ghost of Draculaisma and knows that Minerva is in fact Yuuki Bitoh who still has to walk with the help of a crutch. Not knowing that her cover is blown, Yuuki behaves carelessly, unprotected. She is captured and severely tortured by Patora. To make Yuuki talk, Misaki is also brought to the enemy’s hideaway.But seeing the terribly tortured Yuuki, enraged Misaki transforms into Minerva in front of Patora. Misaki fights bravely, but obviously she is not experienced enough to fully use the power of Minerva. Misaki is no match for Patora, who unremittingly torments her and Yuuki too, trying to help her. When Misaki and Yuuki are driven to despair, a miracle gives them a power to fight again.

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