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ZARD-44 Beauty Soldier Soul Guardian Again - One Winged New Warrior

Suwa Shinobu is a beautiful girl who once fought the evil as “Soul Guardian” with her partner and best friend Tenon Kai. However, she is now feeling lonely and sad as Kai transferred to a school abroad. Before Shinobu appears the Guardian “Sun Disk” who gave the girls special power, and tells her that another evil is about to emerge, and asks her to come back and fight with a girl who has been chosen as new Soul Guardian. Shinobu refuses to fight, however, saying that Tenon is the only partner for her. New Guardian Mai Izumo also shows up before her, but Mai, bitterly disappointed with Shinobu’s headstrong attitude, leaves her and sets out to fight on her own. Though Mai is still inexperienced as fighter, she transforms to fight against Akatsuki, sister of Oboro whom Shinobu had defeated. Mai is beaten, however, and becomes prisoner of the enemy. Akatsuki tortures Mai who refuses to break the seal on Getsuhana, Queen of the Underworld. Hearing this, Shinobu finally decides to do what she should do, and sets out to save Mai and fight Akatsuki.

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