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ZARD-43 Female Combatants Story PART III : Advance

Mika Yuki, aka Brave Yellow is in Dark Joker’s hands, going through tortures. Rena Hidaka comes back from abroad to save Mika, her childhood friend while other Brave Rangers abandon Mika. Rena sneaks into Dark Joker’s hideout, pretending to be a combatant named Suisen to search Mika. But She finds out that Mika is now a brainwashed combatant. While Rena tries to get Mika out of there, Shunran, the Captain of Dark Mist, spots them. Shunran controls Mika to attack Rena. In the meantime, Koume, a member of Dark Mist, inspired by Rena’s passion, helps Rena with another member of Dark Mist, Hinagiku who is less motivated. However, Rena gets shot right in front of Koume. The next thing Koume knows, a gun is pointed at her forehead.

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