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WEHD-01 [OVER-15] Exciting Heroine Cosmic Agent Spark Ranger

*You must be over 16 years old or the legal age of the jurisdiction in which you live to watch this movie. Blue Spark , a member of Galaxy Police Spark Ranger, receives a call and goes to Point 181. It is Rosea, Rose Monster, who waits for Blue Spark to entrap her there. At a split second,Rosea takes her to the earth where Spark Ranger worked and makes her isolated from the rest of it. Blue Spark fights Rosea to the full.But she is alone and Rosea sucks her energy with a special device. Cornered,Blue fires a Spark Canon at Rosea.But she’s lost her power,it’s bounced back on Rosea.Blue takes a chance to run away and is saved by a girl. Rosea comes after the girl.Blue desperately fights Rosea’s henchmen. Blue must put herself together to save the girl and find a way to go back to the space!

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