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TZZ-09 Bulsaider

The Blouseidor was born in the planet of Blou exsited in the Andromeda Galaxy about 100,000 light-years far away. She came to the earth in order to keep the peace, but at ordinary she was doing a private tutor and gave her name as Izumi Kouda. However, once some incidents happened, she transformed herself into the Blouseidor and became a heroine of righteousness and fought against evils for purposes of saving the peace of people on the earth every day. But one day Muka who was a king of planet the apes called Parnasse started to plot some evil plan in order to eliminate the Blouseidor who could be a barrier of his evil design that was conquering the whole entire earth! That plot was kidnapping and brainwashing Izumi’s student Masaru in order to entrap the Bouseidor!

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