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TZZ-01 Zenda Girl

There was a masked girl who punished the evil using GUN=KATA, a special fusioned skill between gun and martial arts. It’s Zenda-girl! She has been kept her real identity secret behind a usual school girl... One day, she encountered with gigantic enemy! Gomandes, who was a boss of an armed religious community, whipped Zenda-girl with steel. Zenda-girl got her costume torn and her neck choked, and lost her consciousness getting electric shock... But she turn the tables on him by a queak... Then, Gomandes sweared to revenge on her... After that, Zenda-girl got trapped by Gomandes and got caught. What was worse, the first lady, who had been abducted and got brain-washed, began licking Zenda-girl’s young body. Zenda-girl wagged her hips irresistibly even in front of her enemies, and so, she got disgraced by Gomandes. And Zenda-girl had her mask off, and...!!

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