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TYRD-03 Superheroine Outdoorsy Surrender - Beautiful Girl Fighter Sailor Nereid

The Sailor Warrior has received the power of the sea’s spirit called Nereid that has the eternal life considered as the closest to a goddess (Nereid is Poseidon’s companion in myth). There is only one method of beating the Sailor-Nereid who keeps the matchless power can be revitalized repeatedly as long as evils exist. It’s only cornering her soul and making her prostrate. But she overcomes a pain and hardness wit her courage... A monster who manipulates time corners the Sailor-Nereid by stopping time, and the monster controls plants in the fields and restrains her, and a man type evil magician named Bazooz threatens her flesh of the growth process in which childishness still remains... The Sailor-Nereid is surrendered in the outdoors where people can hide to see anywhere. She is shot cum inside of her mouth by poking her inside of cheeks compulsively, and she is disgraced and shot cum inside of her pink hole under the blue sky. she is crucified, and she’s witnessed such a miserable figure by civilians . A matchless goddess Sailor-Nereid finally gives up because she cannot bear the shame anymore. [BAD END]

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