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TSW-101 Accelerator five

Bondage of the Accelerator-Five’s friendship is loosing its power and facing imminent danger! Recently, the Accelerator-Five is failing important missions without exception due to their mistakes! The Accelerator-Pink is sole female fighter among them, and one day she finds out that the Accelerator-Yellow looses his Accelerator-Suit because of his debt; so she is being distressed weather she should tell the fact or not to her fellows. With a deeply-concerned decision she closely questions the Yellow who comes late at their meeting. However, the Yellow flies out from there, and he leads himself to a rough life. And the Yellow is entrapped by the evil organization that tries to make a use of such his cracked space of his mind. He betrays his fellows and plots to exterminate the Accelerator-Five. The Pink challenges a fight against the Yellow by herself in order to settle with him. But the Yellow has a deep-rooted vengeful thought against the Pink. So he brainwashes the rest of members and succeeds in capturing the Pink. The Yellow is seething at her snobbish attitude, and he starts giving her shameful torture obstinately. Well, is it possible for the Pink to get over this pinch! BAD END

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