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TSGS-07 New Superheroine Begins 7 - Cutie Ami

Ami Kannazuki is an android high school girl with a build-in infinite particle circuit. Using the special powers of her system, Ami transforms into the messenger of justice ”Cutie Amy,” and she keeps fighting every day to stop the sinister plans of the evil organization Queen Crow. However, when Witchel, cunning officer of Queen Crow, takes hostage and sets a trap for Ami, Ami cannot fight back and is captured by the enemy. Queen Crow is after the infinite particle circuit, which can be removed only by those to whom Ami opens her heart. Witchel humiliates Ami, rubbing liquid all over her body, moving her hands in an erotic manner. Then Witchel uses a specially-designed ink brush to give sexual stimulation to Ami. As waves of erotic sensation assaults the girl for the first time in her life, Ami reaches orgasm. After that Zena, leader of Queen Crow, disgraces her and Ami becomes addicted to sex.... Will she lose her infinite particle circuit in the end? And what will become of Ami? [BAD END]

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