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TSGS-06 New Superheroine Begins 6 - Dimension Fighter Tiria

After being chased from their home planet, two young warriors Tiria and Byrn travel to the Earth, where they start to live as ordinary humans.... But Murder Empire that destroyed their home sets out to invade the Earth! Tiria and Byrn vow to defeat the evil empire for their dead father and Karen, who sacrificed their life for them, and the Earth that became their second homeland. But a mysterious female fighter in a red life-supporting armored suit confronts them. Calling herself “Kaijin” or “human monster,” the mysterious enemy intercepts Tiria before she wears the transformed costume completely, and sends Tiria into a hell of lust and hot sex. She tortures her, thrusting a specially-designed huge vibrator deep into Tiria’s pussy and forces her to reach orgasm again and again. Then the enemy officer Mad disgraces her and cums inside her, and the enemy combatants also disgrace her, and they cum inside her, too. She is ashamed she couldn’t resist the pleasure of sex, so she stands up again to fight, but an unexpected fate awaits her.... Having lost her partner, she becomes an eternal servant of sex with parasitic tentacles inside her that entangle her body. [BAD END]

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