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TSB-07 Heroine Super Hard Disgrace 7 - Mechanized Angel Marineder

A girl, Marina Hamazaki(her last name means beach cape) was thrown into prison for an innocent crime and executed. But now she is brought back to life by an evil organization named the Thinners who collects bodies of dead criminals and makes them into cyborgs, using as a tool of their world domination. Marina is given the name of the Marineder, and she advances to the world domination with the Thinner’s head named the Wardoor. However, when the Marineder faces innocent citizens, she awakes to her left-behind conscience and she disobeys the command of the Wardoor. But the Wardoor has already assumed that Marina raises the standard of revolt and thoroughly chases her into a deadly corner. Actually the Wardoor manipulated at both her body and costumes at the time of the remodeling operation. However, somehow Marina manages to escape from the perilous spot. Then, after she has hard training, again the time of meeting the Wardoor comes. Marina fights against the Wardoor while she bears pain with the special equipment buried in her body. Well, is it possible for her to overcome her own painful body and formidable enemy, the Wardoor!?... [BAD END]

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