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TSB-05 Heroine Super Hard Disgrace 5 - Beautiful Mask Aurora

To trap Beautiful Mask Aurora, Death Empire takes hostage her real young brother. Aurora successfully beats all the combatants in a single fight, but the combat monster’s nerve electromagnetic attack strikes her hard and totally incapacitates the heroine. With her entire body paralyzed, Aurora cannot move a single muscle. The enemy combatants beat her up, punishment her body, and perform irrumatio on her before ejaculating filthy semen into her mouth one after another. Her costumes are torn to pieces, and she is forced to bare her big boobs and shaved pussy too. Spreading her legs wide open with knees bent like a letter M, Aurora is strapped while the combatants are licking her crotch, and she starts spurting uncontrollably over and over again. Then she is strapped to a pillar on all fours, and gets her pussy drilled with a huge dildo from behind, reaching orgasm many times. After that, while she gets severely assaulted, choked by a chain around her neck, she loses her virginity doing irrumatio and oral cumshot at the same time. Her panties are thrust into her mouth and the cool image of Aurora the heroine is completely gone, but the combatants don’t care and their disgraces go on endlessly....[BAD END]

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