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TSB-04 Heroine Super Hard Disgrace 4 - Ninja Special Force Bird Figher

Takazumi Mitori is Bird 3, the only female member of the squad Bird Fighter. She is taken away into a city in another dimension by Bellkatzel, the ruler of the demonic metropolis Kutulope. There Takazumi has to beat the enemy combatants that keep popping up from nowhere. To finish the never-ending battle once and for all, she transforms into Bird 3 and defeats all the combatants. But Bellkatzel himself confronts her next and he summons up Naiagura and Yogurutosu, special monsters with herculean powers. Bird 3 quickly senses the incredible strength of the new enemies and attacks them using a ray gun, but her weapon is useless. Bird 3 is slowly driven into a corner with nowhere to go, unable to match their superior physical powers, and she is finally captured. Taking them off-guard, however, Bird 3 manages to escape from the clutches of the monsters, but she has little power left and there is no hope for her to get out of the demonic metropolis Kutulope. The monsters are closing in on her and the disgrace hell to breed a new generation of Bellkatzel is about to begin. [BAD END]

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