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TRH-12 Super Heroine Returns 12

Lala is a descendant of the super-warrior clan exiled from Verostar, planet very far away from the Solar System. Her star is now ruled by Nemesis Empire led by Amadeus the Evil Emperor. To form the mightiest army in the universe, Amadeus uses Legend of Super-warriors. Now Lala, scion of the super-warriors, is in danger! Lala successfully reaches Earth, but her enemies are close on her tail. Lala defeats all of them, but passes out because of fatigue and injury. Captured Lala resists desperately with her willpower the tortures from Empire’s female scientist Ellel who humiliates her. Lala barely escapes from being brainwashed, but next Ellel’s soldiers begin to humiliate and torture her, using an electric vibrator and special liquid solution against her sensitive muff, and Lala awakens to the erotic pleasure with its electric pulses. Then the Manipulator, or Disgrace Machine invented by Ellel is attached to Lala’s body. Now Lala is forced to imitate the every movement Ellel makes like watching herself in the mirror, and Lala is slowly addicted to the sweet pleasure of masturbation with Ellel.

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