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TRH-09 Super Heroine Returns 09

Etemaru, Kasumi, and Taisuke, orphaned by their parents were taken in by a director of modern ninja force (SNB), Shinngensai, and raised as ninjas. They have been fighting day and night with an evil organization, Gorai Family, who plot to conquer Japan, but at last, Etemaru is trapped and fell into the hands of the enemy. Etemaru is subjected to a severe torture by the enemy who tries to work off a long-held grudge. To rescue Etemaru, Kasumi and Taisuke get in the base of Gorai Family, but that is exactly what the enemy has expected. Gorai Family, who has been waiting, catch Kasumi by a mean trick, and cast a spell called Inmu on her. Kasumi is urged to produce sexual desire like an irresistible tsunami, but the enemy doesn’t stop giving her sexual desire relentlessly!...

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