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TRH-06 Super Heroine Returns 06

Geosphere expedition team “AGE” disappeared at Space Coordinate 2.T.O.P.... And unmanned space probe EOS discovers extraordinary data inside the locked-down space station. That is a signal that proves the existence of unknown life form. A female warrior Julia travels to the station to investigate this strange phenomenon. And she finds out that the deserted space station is in fact a hideout for mysterious aliens planning to invade Earth! Julia decides to sacrifice her own life to fight the most dangerous fight! What she does not know is the terrifying traps more dangerous than she had imagined!! Leatherface Monster attacks her and strangles her neck! Julia is now in a big trouble! Zenon the mastermind of the aliens tries to use Julia’s “Energy of Justice” for their biological weapons. Torture with high voltage electric shock that makes her wriggle her body! Space Tarantula crawling close to her huge booties!? Horny aliens start to humiliate her sexy body! Finally Zenon uses the poison fluid of space creatures to torment Julia, who never gives up her Energy of Justice. Strong-willed Julia struggles with pain, gasping madly and throwing back her head! Julia! It’s time for you to stand up and beat the evil with your red-hot anger!!

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