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TRH-02 Super Heroine Returns 02

Nanami Nanase, a beautiful scientist with a Ph.D. in astrobiology, is assigned to a new longed-for post of the space ship Planet. She works with Space Colonel, which also makes her heart delight. On her first day of work they receive a transmission from the planet of Alpha. (How lucky she is to have such a chance on the very first day!) Alphanians seem friendly enough. And Ms. Nanase alone goes to the Alpha in order to exchange scientific technologies. They express an interest to use her body for experiment to know human body. As the experiment goes on it sexually aroses Nanasae. She says to herself, ”No, this is supposed to an experiment.” But her conflict between mind and body is so enough. Meanwhile she incidentally finds out that Alphanians have a secret plan to take over the earth and it is when they start physically torture her. Alphanians discover that her sexual arousal produces a beneficial electric current to them. They go on relentlessly putting an electric-generating vibrator between her legs. Her colleagues come to rescue her but they all get brainwashed only to help electric generation. In order to complete the electric generation she is made to stay on a wall, and a number of hands come out of holes on the wall to fondle her body... But then her colleagues come back to themselves and beat up Alphanians. The moment Ms. Nanase feels that it is finaly over, the non-brainwashed colleagues start sexually surrendering her...

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