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TOR-53 Samuraiger 02

Here is a voluptuous girl of toned butts and F cup tits. She is one of the Samurai successors and fighter like the other successors. While she elegantly and effectively fights against Dokuro Godam, Dream Dokuro’s power eventually overwhelms her and she gets captured into his hideout! However, she successfully escapes from the cage and goes to help her peer members. Ahead of her destination awaits a horrible torture! There is a 300 kilograms of iron ball which could have choked her peer’s neck to kill. Now she cannot use her own hands because she has to hold the ball, which makes her totally vulnerable to sexual fondling. She desperately tries to twist her body to hold up the fondling but increasingly breathes heavily. Then she is lured into Dream Dokuro’s nightmare. In the world of the nightmare, Pink’s former peers attack as if they were her enemies. They beat up and disgrace her, but she quietly seeks a chance to fight back... A torturing officer Amabis offers Pink to become a fighter of Dokuro Godam in exchange of her peers’ life. She is going to be trained under his order. What will happen Pink?!

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