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TOR-52 Samuraiger 01

Five young stars who are descendants of Samurai have been fighting against an evil organization ”Dokuro Godam.” Shinjyu Yume Dokuro shows up in front of them. This evil phantom is extraordinary strong with a skill to make enemies sleep and kill while they are dreaming. Pink Samuraiger tries to help Green who gets injured, but gets captured by Yume Dokuro. Annubis, torturing director of Dokuro Godam, tries to find out the location of the secret branch of Samuraiger, hoping to discovery any weakness of Samuraiger’s Headquarter. The tortures include high-voltage electricity, body blow, wrestling skills, and titillating. Pink suffers sever damages but is determined to keep the secret. Pink is then disgraced by Yume Dokuro and militants. Is she going to surrender?

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