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TOR-47 Cyber Special Agent Inspector Z 02

I will take revenge for leader Asuka Kirishima! She was killed in front of our eyes. I’ll just do it regardless of ability! Yuki Asano, a super beauty inspector, bravely gets into the internet world by herself to fight against the homicidal virus Meduza. Fights against surging viruses. And fierce battles against Meduza!! Meduza turns into an evil woman in this upgraded version. Insistent erogenous attacks and persisting localized assaults of Meduza as a woman!! And Yuki acts proudly as an inspector. If she obtains sexual pleasure, the data and password that allow Meduza to move back and forth between the internet world and ours will be known. Hang in there, Yuki!! However, critical point is approaching her physically and mentally.

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