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TOR-44 Cosmo Woman 02

Some 400 years ago, a girl who lived in the war-torn era was playing an important role as a ninja in putting an end to the wars. To kill a feudal lord, she sneaked into his mansion, but the lord turned out to be an alien ”Mighty Black”. Thought she was a ninja, she was only human and could not match him. She was kept in agony and screwed around. But she happened to discover the transformation stick of Mighty Black. Somehow it started up and she turned into Cosmo Woman! Having managed to escape, she fled 400 years later to the present day and has been living a life as teacher. However, in order to seize back the transformation stick, Mighty Black sends a pursuer to the present day! Cosmo Woman decides to go back 400 years before to bring an end to the battle… Despite her brave fight, she gets trapped and forced into the return of the stick. If she returns it to him, it will plunge the world into war again. Obscene attacks shower down on Cosmo Woman who has turned into incarnation of justice. The greatest feature of this film is her inner conflict between physical pleasure as a woman and sense of spiritual mission as a heroine.

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