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TOR-43 Cosmo Woman 01

From Nebula Cosmo 78, somewhere far away in deep space, an alien fighter Cosmo Woman travels to the Earth. She borrows a human body of Sakura, member of the Science Patrol Fighters, and is fighting the evil space aliens every day. One day space bandits Gori and Rah, expelled from Andromeda, also travel to the Earth and seek the domination of the world. They swear their revenge against their planet, and plan to steal the Transforming Capsule from the Cosmo Woman. They abduct one of the members of the Science Patrol Fighters in their spaceship, and to save his life Sakura transforms herself and flies to Gori and Rah’s spaceship in space. To her a strong ally offers a help, whose name is Mighty Black! He is an alien fighter of justice chasing Gori and Rah from Andromeda! But they both are trapped by the sneaking enemies and find themselves in a terrible pinch! To get the Transforming Capsule, scheming Gori and Rah torture Cosmo Woman in the most humiliating fashion, probing around her private parts with an electric vibrator. Moreover, she is disgraced by brainwashed Mighty Black and horny Alien Tron, completely defeated in the most humiliating way as the friend of justice....

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