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TOR-35 Legarian 02

Regalian,the incarnation of love. After rigorous training and hardship,hidden deep in the mountain,the girl Regalian has acquired the esoterica of justice. She infiltrates the fortress of the dictator to bring to light its secrets. Disguised as a prison guard, she tries to liberate the hostages. Found by the enemy, she turns herself into a fire ball and deploys a good battle,until the dictator pulls a trick on her while fighting the monster of the enemy,Bolero. Regalian is now captured. The enemy is after Regalian’s secret treasure of the clan’s long tradition. Now,Regalian, the fire ball, is put to persistent torture. She can no longer take it and turns herself back to the incarnation of love. Yet, the enemy carries on insistent, sexual, torturous molestation on her. Hang in there, Regalian! You fall,and the world will turn into darkness!

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