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TOR-30 Dark Girl - The Dark Angel 03

After losing two Dark Girls, Kevin had no choice but to defend the Goddess City all alone... But, one day, he happens to meet Minami, a wayward girl cracking down on hoodlums in town. She wants to be ”stronger” and seeks coaching under Kevin to become a Dark Girl. Minami, with young bouncing body, sweating all over from training, enchants Kevin so sweet and naive at heart... Meanwhile, Pierre Yoshimoto has developed an ultimate drug, Black Hole. Knowing that, Kevin sneaks into Pierre Yoshimoto’s hideout, where he finds Minami now befriended with Pierre Yoshimoto. Soon, Minami awakens to the sweetness of Kevin and decides to fight Pierre Yoshimoto, double-crossing him. But, she has to confront Violence Joy, the tough body guard of Pierre Yoshimoto. Trapped and captured, Dark Girl Minami has the drug Black Hole rubbed into her groin... which turns her into a super nymphomaniac whom Pierre Yoshimoto screws to his heart’s content. Yet unsatisfied, Dark Girl turns to Kevin for more sex... Will peace ever prevail in Goddess City?

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