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TMS-31 Machine Lady

Justice Robot, Machine Lady, which was developed by Light Resource Laboratory, had been fighting day and night to protect the peace of the Earth from the evil empire, Black Hole. One day, a scientist of the laboratory was attacked by a fighter of Black Hole. Yoko, the pilot of Machine Lady, saved the scientist by a hair’s breadth, but the weather control machine was lost and the world became dark.In addition, the terrible machine beast ”Amazonia K7” appeared to destroy the town. Yoko got on the Machine Lady to fight against Amazonia K7. Machine Lady was tormented by Amazonia K7 with overwhelming power. After the death fight, Yoko got Amazonia K7 into tough corners, but to her surprise, Bishamon Koshaku, the cadre of Black Hole, had broken into the cockpit of Machine Lady. While fighting against the machine beast in the cockpit, she was tortured by shameful but pleasureable attack of Bishamon Koshaku. Beyond that, as Yoko was sychronized with Machine Lady, she received the damage of Machine Lady and the pleasure at the same time. She was forced to the extremity by the double pinch! Would she be able to prevent Black Hole from destroying the Earth?

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