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TMS-12 Mermaid Huey

In order to defeat Gillsnake, Mermaid Huey moves up to the ground from the bottom of the sea. But the impact wave at the moment of her landing kills one beautiful girl. Huey gives away her own life to bring the girl alive, thus a new heroine is born. - Huey beats the combatants of Gillsnake one after another with overwhelming power. - Head-to-head battle with Gillsnake. Despite a good fight she falls in a pinch. - Gillsnake attacks her giving blows and kicks to deprive her of ”Orichalcon”, the power she has. - Her breasts and groin are harassed with vibrator. - The long male genitals coming out of Gillsnake’s month harasses Huey’s private parts. - Gillsnake pours some liquid that turns people prurient all over her body using a special gun. - Huey falls into unintentional masturbation. - Gillsnake surrenders her using his genitals between his legs. - Huey is finally deprived of her mind control helmet. - Gillsnake’s surrender is endless but Mermaid Huey never caves in.

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