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TMLZ-02 Naked Masked Heroine Mask The Scarlet

Patients and nurses are disappearing mysteriously by night at the Yurigaoka Hospital... It is the work of a sex pervert by the name of Satantail who, with his affuluent wealth, has privatized the hospital to carry on molesting beautiful girls as he pleases... One day, a woman doctor goes missing... Nurse Sasai Kunugi inquires the general manager after the doctor, but his answer is fishy and indifferent... Wherever she visits, she is accompanied by mysterious happenings... As she kindles her mind with justice and hate for vices, there is born ”Mask the Scarlet”, all-naked Super Heroine of the glamorous body hidden only behind a scarlet mask! Sharply splitting the air, her nunchaku smashes the enemy’s bones, and her shtick Jesus Kick knocks out the villains! Satantail turns the inpatients into Zombies and starts egging on Scarlet! Zombies’ venom, all slimy and sticky, splashes down on Scarlet’s gorgeous body and torments her. Strong Pressure to cum time and again by the big, thick vibrator, Scarlet manages to catch every chance to beat Satantail once. But, here comes the missing woman doctor, now with her name changed to Satanlobster in a 100kg mountain of a wrestler, to challenge Scarlet.... Scarlet is overwhelmed and suppressed by strong power, and Satantail screws her and ejaculates cum inside her. Her tight-fitting mask is peeled off her face and Scarlet’s identity is now revealed...! [Bad ending]

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