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TMLZ-01 Naked Mask Heroine

While leading a normal life as a nun, she has another life as ”Saint Frame”, naked super heroine, and has been fighting against a phantom coming from the evil world. But, in this fight, she has a really tough fight with a phantom who uses octopus-like tentacles. The boss of the evil side nastily fondles her as she suffers from being squeezed up by the tentacles. Her big breasts get painfully fondled but she achieves energy produced by a sense of embarrassment. Once she quickly drives the enemy up to the wall, but has to stop attacking as she realizes her peers are taken as hostages. She passes out by whiplash, undergoes tortures of crucifixion in the hideout, gets her own nunchakus into her vagina with multiple climax. Finally her mask is torn apart revealing who she is in front of her peers. And not only the tentacle phantom, but also her peers disgrace her.

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