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TML-05 Super Mask Heroine 05

Princess Shishi, who continues to fight night and day to eliminate the evil monsters that wriggle across Japan, rescues village people from being attacked by villains, who turn out to be the members of a feared evil secret society called ”Tengu-tou”! Princess Shishi is just a step away from driving the leader Black Tengu up the wall after deadly battles, but she gets her buddy Hikomaru kidnapped. She gets into the evil headquarter to rescue Hikomaru. However, that is really a trap of Black Tengu. Black Tengu was once placed a curse and had his nose turned into an ugly genital called Makon having defied the god of forest! In order to break the curse Black Tengu has to disgrace 30,000 virgins and he is planning to make Princess Shishi his sex servant as she is worthy of 100 virgins! Will Princess Shishi be able to defeat Black Tengu and restore peace of the village people? Bad ending.

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