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TLP-08 Female Space Detective Anica R in Danger

My name is Anika. I’m a galaxy patrol and come to the earth to find galaxy patrol Ririna, my colleague. We know that she came to the earth pursuing Master Dark, a galaxy criminal, but not what happened after that. That is why I have come to the earth... Now, Anika has just brought down combatants. But the Master Dark caught her off guard. He chokes her up by the whip, tortures her by bear-back, and sucks up the life energy by squeezing her breasts. Then, she is transported to the enemy’s hideout where a group of combatants punishment and disgrace her. She is forced to pitch forwards and receives a torture by an iron machine that screws her arm up. Another torture machine is applied to her bare breasts to draw up the energy stored in the breasts. The enemy spray her poison gas that causes her severe pain producing physical sensation that she feels as if thousands of needles stick on her body from head to toe. She barely survives and manages to escape from them with a help from Ririna who has been spying in the inside by disguising as a combatant. Now Anika and Ririna fight together against the enemy but end up being caught again. They saw each other suffer from nasty sexual punishment. Finally, Ririna gets brainwashed to play nasty sexual torture on Anika. Master Dark has limitless on his dirtiness...

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