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TJH-24 Middle-aged Woman Heroine 24

Mari has been having nightmares since her son was abducted by a secret organization Jaguarblow several years ago. And now, as if this isn’t enough, Jaguarblow has come back before her! Mari once exposed in public the scandal of a corrupt politician, and he asked Mr. Bell, higher-rank officer of Jaguarblow, to assassinate Mari and those surrounding her. Mari transforms into Beauty Mary for the first time in years, but Mr. Bell is a clever fighter and his moves are fast. She is no match for him and is captured by the enemy. Jaguarblow has been planning to obtain the time-space enzyme stabilizer, a device hidden in Mari’s body. Mr. Bell will not let go this opportunity, and he relentlessly tortures the captured heroine with a whip. Beauty Mary never gives up, and endures the merciless tortures from her greatest enemy, so Mr. Bell changes tactics. He imprisons Beauty Mary’s husband in a mirror and humiliates her right in front of it. Beauty Mary is groped while she cannot resist, and then a vibrating tool is applied to the most sensitive area of her body and Beauty Mary is forced to orgasm. While Mr. Bell prepares for operation to extract the time-space enzyme stabilizer from her body, however, she causes a miracle to occur with her strong will. Mary destroys the device and escapes from the enemy only to discover the sad and cruel truths she is yet to know. [BAD END]

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