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THH-14 Super Heroine Domination 14

The member of Bird Five fanned out to all over the world to pursue their own lives after defeating an evil organization ”Jerk”. Three year has passed since then, Hellgutto, the boss of Jerk who is supposed to be dead, forms a ”New Jerk” and plots wipeout of Bird Five. Bird Blue, who has newly joined Bird Five after undergoing training with Bird Red who lives in Japan, fights back against Jerk. However, a new monster Spydell captures the less-experienced Bird Blue! Feeling responsibility, Bird Red goes to rescue Blue but she is already brainwashed, and Red gets clapped out 2 to 1. Hellgutto then harms Red physically chopping up her body to pay off old grudges. Blue, awaken from the brainwashing, dissolves due to the deadly poison of Spydell and Red is also driven to the wall with her side bitten by poisonous fangs...

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