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TGL-01 Gothic & Beautiful Girl

In the vilage, there was an old traditon of offering a virgin as a sacrifice to the Evil Spirits Orga once in a dozen years. This year, a striking beauty by the name of Alice Edingburgh was elected as a prey. She fell in love with a beautiful youngster Alphonce and engaged in an adultery. Losing her virginity and the qualification to be a sacrifice, she had to face the angered Evel Spirits Orga, who began torturing her in front of all the villagers looking on with suspicious wonder. Braced in the horrible cangue rivetted with sharpe spikes, with the spikes eating into her neck, she fainted time and again while awakened with water gush forced into her mouth. Alice kept screaming out her cries under pain from the squeezing spikes. Under rigorous torture, ugly scars and scratches covered all over her body. Now with her palms pushed against the burning iron plate, she uttered miserable cries of distress. Alice was not allowed a right to death. With bandages all over, Alice was to face another round of attacks from Orga. No one pitied Alice, if she fell unconscious from extreme pain. A series of tortures by horrifying gadgets, subjecting Alice to pain. Amorous scenes of she-male Alphonce making love with Alice. And the enchanting story, the costumes, the sound effects and the gripping performance by Ana Kuramoto.

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