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TGHR-02 Superheroine Begins 02

Aurora, the masked beauty with intelligence and outstanding tactics, has been fighting the Wicked Satan. Satan, to trap the invincible Aurora, has kept Aurora under surveillance. And, on the analysis of her menstrual period and physiological dispositions, he has devised insidious traps... Without knowing such traps, Aurora has her mentor taken as hostage and gets herself subdued by tentacles laced with chloroform. What Wicked Satan intends to do is to tame her to be his own wife. The sacred fighter, masked beauty, Aurora gets her body tarnished and molested by the sordid hands of dirty mid-aged villain. Satan, having surveyed that today is her most susceptible day to conception, forces her to repeated orgasms and stops the molestation in mid course just before her coming to a climax, bullying her to insanity. At last, Satan spews his cum fully inside Aurora, soiling her with virgin blood. And, after a series of breaking, Aurora finally ends up avowing to be Satan’s wife... [bad end]

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