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TDM-06 Nymph detective mass

Serial missing cases of beauty girls have occurred. The enemy is a faction of ”Gold Mask” which is led by two witches Momona and Aki. Go for it, beauty detectives! But despite a good fight, Momona and Aki get held in captivity. Surviving Shoko sneaks into the enemy territory by herself, but she manages to fall into the hands of the enemy. What she sees there is a ”Dolls’ House”, a real nefarious taste of the witch ”Groove”. There Momona and Aki are miserably turned into ”Living Dolls”. Groove gives various kinds of molestation to Shoko to turn her into a living doll: 1. At the sound of a devil’s flute, Shoko comes to masturbate unconsciously. 2. She is hung up and fondled all over the body by Groove. 3. Her local is struck with Groove’s penis. 4. Fuck by Gold Mask. 5. She is served as a comfort woman for Gold Mask’s men. 6. Groove once again plays the devil’s flute. Shoko mentally gives in at last. 7. Act of sexual perversion with Groove 8. ”Ceremony of Living Doll” starts after Shoko is poured some wired liquid all over the body and she is turning into a living doll.

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