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TDLN-134 Heroine Orgasm Face Hell

Because of the top-secret military project, a young girl Malida acquires superpowers, but her alter ego created by the experiment destroys the entire city of Proton. Several years later, Malida, still traumatized by the tragic incident, meets Dr. Holden. With him she learns how to control her alternate personality and becomes an evil-fighting heroine of justice named Violetta. One day a message is sent to the ‘School,’ an educational institute for espers, from Colonel Bogart, the very person who had developed Malida’s extraordinary psychic ability. Colonel declares an all-out war against ‘School,’ sending out Lady Striker, a mutant fighter he has created. To stop the Colonel’s heinous plans Malida fights Lady Striker, and after the fierce battle she almost wins the fight. Then ‘Anti-field device’ specially designed to nullify Malida’s mutant powers activated, sealing off her superpowers. Malida loses the battle and is captured by Colonel Bogart, who subjects Malida to tortures in every form possible targeting her swelled erogenous zone to make her his own. In the end Malida is deprived of her superheroine’s mask, and is forced to expose her orgasm face, in a flood of squirting and cascading female cum!

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