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TDD-01 Kaminagi Cutie Shrine Maidens

When art club member Kiyoshi makes a sculpture using a part of Nagi, a sacred tree of a shrine, he unwittingly brings the goddess Nagisa to life. Nagisa decides to live with Kiyoshi, still a high school boy, until she can cleanse all “Impurities” of the world. Incredibly beautiful Nagisa is also a strong-willed and alarmingly innocent girl, and for young Kiyoshi life with the deity is a series of heart-throbbing moments. Meanwhile, the unsubstantial “Impurities” dislike the presence of Nagisa, so they take over the bodies of other living creatures like spiders and leeches to torment her. And Kiyoshi’s uncle Makoto is worried about Kiyoshi who is living with this beautiful girl, and he begins to live with them and supervise their lives so that their relation cannot be improper. However, “Impurities” possess the body of Uncle Makoto so they can contaminate Nagisa’s mind and pure white body, and “purify” her existence…. The pretty girl Nagisa is violated by the sex-starved middle-aged man possessed by “Impurities.” The horny guy forces Nagisa to open her lips and pushes his big, hard meat stick into Nagisa’s mouth. Nagisa resists, but the middle-aged guy electroshocks her using a stun gun, thrusts his meat stick deep into her c-nt, and continues raping her in various positions. Nagisa feels helpless and after forced orgasm she is made a flesh servant by him….One day I made a wooden statue and I saw the most beautiful girl to ever set foot on the earth … and impure humans with filthy desires violated Nagisa…. Now a dirty meat stick is about to punishment and penetrate Nagisa’s sex organ….

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