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TBXX-21 What Happens when an Evil Combatant Disguises as a Justice Heroine?

Like always, the combatants are defeated by the justice heroes... A female combatant flee after watching her friends get killed. Ryusei Blue corners the combatant and tries to finish her, but a lightning strikes! The combatant checks the death of the heroine and decides to leave. But she comes up with a great idea… She dreams the life of becoming a justice heroine and steals the transformation bracelet from the corpse. ‘Change! Ryusei Blue!’ Surprisingly her body is covered with light to transform into the heroine. She decides to live her life as Ryusei Blue. One day, she gets in a battle with a monster. But obviously, the fake Ryusei Blue is no match against a real one. The monster strikes her in the face and her friends come to save her. ‘We’ll handle this guy! Pink, go help Blue!’ Red fights courageously against the monster but hears Pink scream! Pink finds a person wearing a combatant mask inside Blue’s mask! After all, the justice team discovered Blue’s secret! The fake Blue is taken to the Ryuseiger base for interrogation and…

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