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TBXX-17 Fainthearted Disgrace Hunter’s First Disgrace

The Neo Reaper Empire creates the most powerful disgrace hunter to defeat Soleil. The disgrace hunter goes to defeat the justice heroine. He overwhelms Soleil and says, ‘This is it for you! Soleil!’ But a combatant appears and screams, ‘It is not over yet, you have to surrender her!!’ Soleil no longer had the power to fight back and the combatant tells him to assault her… But something is wrong with the disgrace hunter… There was a defect with the invincible disgrace hunter: he was a virgin! He cannot do anything obscene to the girl! Soleil escapes from him and the combatant scorns him. The disgrace hunter gradually loses all of his pride and respect. But with the help of a man, he learns the skills of becoming a splendid disgrace hunter.

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