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TBXX-16 The Dark Salesman

[Part 1] Shadow Blue has always fought for the people. But the hero business was becoming very stressful. While she was distressed in a park, a mysterious salesman approaches her. After hearing specifically about her job, the man gives her a magical item. By using this magical suit, she can become evil without anyone knowing about her true identity. So her days of being a justice heroine and a villain begin. But she breaks the promise she made with the salesman and… [Part 2] Hikaru is bored with her average life. The only moment she feels excitement is when she is watching a heroine save the world. One day, Hikaru receives an unfamiliar package. The next day, a mysterious salesman comes and asks for the package. Inside it was a mask of the heroine she adored. By equiping the mask, it will turn the user into a true heroine. The man asks her if she wants the mask and Hikaru accepts. But one day, she breaks the promise she made with the salesman and… [Part 3] A female combatant is struggling with the orders given by her boss. She could not bear watching her friends get killed in action. When she was complaining about her job, a mysterious salesman approaches. The man gives her a magical bracelet. When she wears the bracelet, it makes her the leader of the organization. But after wearing the bracelet for a long period of time, she begins to lose the kind feelings toward her friends. And she breaks the promise made with the salesman…

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