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TBXX-15 Heroine's Assistant Team

Three old men were drinking in a small bar. One of them takes a glimpse at the TV and sees a familiar face. The girl in the screen was the super heroine whom they loved when they were younger. The news that the beautiful heroine had returned after half a century made the three friends decide to recreate the Heroine Support Team just like the time when they were young. When ‘Ruby Knight the Masked Fighter’ is in trouble, the three helpers appear out of nowhere. And so, the three men recreate the Heroine Support Team once again! One day, the Heroine Support Team finds Ruby Night in danger and somehow defeats the combatant. They gradually begin to trust one another… But Ruby Knight keeps becoming more powerful and the number of times the Support Team goes to action decreases… The Heroine Support Team senses grave situation, so they infiltrate into the enemy base to make the monsters more powerful. Inside the base, they find a female monster who struggles to control her own power. The Support Team tricks the monster and… A different day, Saito senses danger coming toward Ruby Knight. He jumps in to save Ruby Knight from getting hurt but he is poisoned. The only way for Saito to survive is by getting the poison sucked out from his nipples. Ruby Knight sucks his nipples, but soon finds out that his crotch is poisoned as well. Saito takes his pants off and she desperately sucks on it. The other two finds sees Saito and Ruby Mask. They tell her that they were poisoned as well and starts caressing her… Saito wakes up and tells her that the only way to completely detoxify him is by sticking his cock inside her pussy… Ruby Mask takes time to think about it and…

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