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TBXX-13 Casual Dining Restaurant HEROINE

Evil Combatants... Pawns of an organization... Variety of restraints are tormenting the poor combatant... Casual dining restaurant named HEEROINE is the place where they soothed... And today, another combatant comes to the restaurant after getting scolded by a cadre. The hostess greets him with a tender smile... After whining about his horrible day, he falls asleep. The hostess takes him to the back room so he can rest quietly. But the combatant who is half asleep accidentally assaults the hostess because she is dressed like a heroine... The next morning, he wakes up in an unfamiliar room... Then, he thinks back on what he had done last night... He sincerely regrets what he has done and the hostess enters the room... An another customer enters the restaurant. He too wants to get comforted by the beautiful hostess... He cannot do what he wants to do... The hostess encourages him to be strong and...

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