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TBXX-11 Heroine Prank Mission

Today’s show is about doing pranks on a cute heroine! The heroine acts as if she is brainwashed, so the combatant asks her to do something dirty... The heroine obtains a new move! But she must scream to use it... She is bewildered... And the siren reports the invasion of the enemy... Fontaine visits the studio. She watches the videos that will be played during the show in a waiting room, but the video is made of erotic shots of her! That is when Fontaine... After the battle, Pink returns to the HQ. But everything is different from before! Something is wrong with the chief... he says, ’From now on, we’ve changed into the forces of evil. And so, you will have a new outfit. Hurry, change into it!’ She is forced to wear the new combatant outfit and...

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