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TBXX-07 Bushido Ranger - The Dialect Heroine

Due to the injury of the predecessor, Fumika Hanasaki comes to the city to be the next super heroine. While she was on her way to her new workplace, she hears someone screaming for help! She finds a man getting attacked by Platino and his men. Fumika screams ’Y’all get off o’ that poor lil man!’ but no one can understand her dialect and this makes Fumika furious! Fumika transforms into a Bushido Ranger and the enemy finally realizes who she is. She saves the man but now has a complex feeling about her dialect. She decides to attend a class where she will be able to learn how to speak proper Japanese. But the principle of that cram school repetitiously forces her to say embarrassing phrases! She unwillingly listens to the principle, but she had no clue what the special machine in the corner of the room does to her... [HAPPY END]

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