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TBXX-05 Heroine Surrender Lecture

Thanks for waiting! Here is a heroine-raping lecture video supervised by Professor Kawakami who is a living legend in the heroine raping world. This movie is the most suitable lecture video for evil combatants who always have a bitter experience with heroines and seek revenge against them. If you take a glimpse at this video, you can become a splendid heroine hunter even you, who is a low-class combatant who is always running away from heroines. This video consists of four parts. In lesson one, a viewer will attain to the knowledge of heroines and learn how to capture them! In lesson two, a viewer will be explained how to tie up heroines. In lesson three, a viewer will be explained how to humiliate heroines! And in the final lesson, a viewer will be explained how to put in practice. To you who is getting yelled at by your boss, learn a great deal of how to humiliate heroines from this learning tool, and knock the wind out of their sails.

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