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TBB-13 Heroine Suppression Vol.13

The General of the Atlantis, Gillsnake, took back ”Oriharukon,” which had been sealed by the Mer Tribe for a long time, from Mermaid Huey. Mermaid Huey was dissapointed. It was obvious that the invasion of te Atlantis would begin with using the power of ”Oriharukon” as a weapon. Mermaid Huey decided to smuggle herself into the heart of the Atlantis to regain ”Oriharukon.” (The points to note) * The fighting scene clad in the sailor uniform (She is so strong.) * The pinch scene clad in the sailor uniform (hitting, leg-split, choking etc.) * The scenes with the helmet removed (destruction of inner circuit and that by hitting) * The reversing scene (though she once won Dora...) * Oriharukon attack by Gillsnake (The costume will be burned out.) * Hitting technique by the revived Dora * Electric heat attacking * Electric chair attacking * Electric chair attacking plus hitting of Dora * Neck will be broken...

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