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TAB-04 Female Combatant Sad Story 02 (Last Part)

Female combatant Orie dies as she is disgraced by the humanoid monster Emara. Surviving combatants Akina and Rika must go through rigorous training conducted by other female combatants to prove their faith and loyalty. Meanwhile, memories of old days when she was an ordinary woman come back to newly-reborn Orie. Orie remembers that she was abducted and brainwashed by Geek, who turned her into a female combatant. Then another mission is given to Akina. She and other combatants of the platoon set out to fight Saint Ranger, but obviously they have no chance of winning the battle. Akina begins to feel fear of death when a female combatant attempts a suicide attack with a bomb. This gives serious damage to Saint Ranger who is captured at last. Following old memories, Orie tries to rescue Saint Ranger, but she is also caught by other female combatants and she is about to be tortured by Emara as a rebel....

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